Following devastating flash flooding which has left millions displaced in Bangladesh, The Amir Khan Foundation has launched an urgent appeal to support relief efforts and increase emergency supplies.

Unprecedented storms have left millions of people stranded in what has been described as ‘one of the worst floodings ever seen’ in the region. The emergency appeal will help fund critically-needed aid – including hot meals for rescue centres, dry food packs and monthly food packs for families. Medical supplies will also be provided, along with materials to help rebuild areas that have been destroyed.

Torrential rain and upstream water have submerged towns and villages in northeastern Bangladesh, with 84% of the district of Sylhet submerged. The General Secretary of the Bangladesh Red Cross Society said: “We have never seen this sort of flooding in living memories in that region.” The floods, as well as landslides and fatal lightning strikes, have led to entire communities being completely cut off from other parts of the country.

Reports have indicated that over 7.2 million people have been affected, with 1.6 million children at risk of having no access to clean water, food or shelter. Although Bangladesh is subjected to severe flooding every year, recent rainfalls have been exceptional, placing a huge additional strain on already stretched resources following repeated natural disasters.

Founder and Trustee of the Amir Khan Foundation and two-time World Boxing Champion Amir Khan, says: “The people of Bangladesh have been subjected to unpredictable, violent storms causing severe destruction to their homes and livelihoods. Entire villages have been submerged in water leaving people no choice but to find safety. We must act now to help provide support for them.”

With £50 providing a family food pack for a month and just £10 providing much-needed medical support, you can donate to the appeal here.

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