Two-time boxing Champion Amir Khan attended the Household Cavalry Foundation’s annual boxing dinner to offer his support to veterans who have suffered as a result of war. 

The Household Cavalry Foundation was founded in 2013 and to provide charitable support to individuals and families of serving Soldiers, Operational Casualties and Veterans. The Foundation aims to support soldiers with the long term effects of both physical and psychological injuries that occur in times of conflict. 

Amir took to the ring with a message of support and announced he would be donating items and experiences to the auction to help the Foundation raise lifesaving funds to help those most in need. He also met with the fighters from both camps, offering advice and encouragement for both the fight and their athletic careers. Amir said, "It was an honour to hear first-hand the stories of veterans whose lives would not be the same without The Household Cavalry Foundation. They have my full support in the fantastic work they do to help veterans reclaim their lives".

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