Launching the Amir Khan Foundation’s new Winter Survival Campaign this week, founder and trustee Amir Khan visited Christian communities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to distribute desperately-needed survival kits and emergency food packs.

The kits include vital comforts for surviving the tough winter months, including warm clothing, quilts and bedding, as well as cooking stoves and utensils, plus gas cylinders to power them. In addition, essential food supplies are being distributed, including staples such as oil, vegetables and meat, and other food products with a long shelf life.

With the pandemic severely impacting on national food supplies, millions of people and communities in Pakistan are enduring the disastrous consequences of freezing temperatures, food insecurity, unemployment and a lack of adequate housing. The hardships being experienced are only set to increase, with millions expected to fall below the national poverty line due to Covid-19.

During the distribution of the survival kits and food packs, Amir joined Pastor Shabaz in meeting orphaned children who are living under the care of the Disciples of Christ Church Ministries.

Amir said: “Our response is targeted towards the most vulnerable in some of the hardest-hit areas of Pakistan. It’s so important to be doing what we can to make this winter a little more bearable for those who badly need our help.”

Winter temperatures in Pakistan regularly fall to sub-zero, and with approximately 20 million without access to adequate housing, urgent support is needed.

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