WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman remains deeply impressed by Khan’s hard work, both inside and outside the ring, noting his philanthropic endeavours across the world. 

He stated: “I am confident that under the leadership of Champion Amir Khan, the culturally diverse Middle East region will provide a unique platform for the proper development of our sport and with time, produce a new batch of WBC champions. There is a lot of undiscovered talent in the region and the WBC is particularly eager to develop female boxing and amateur boxing there as well. Champion Amir Khan has already taken the initial steps to develop boxing in Pakistan. The WBC and its board of governors are confident that under the WBC umbrella, Champion Khan’s efforts will extend through the region”.

Beyond his new title at the WBC, Khan remains committed to his wider philanthropic efforts through The Amir Khan Foundation, which in 2020 alone, has distributed 10,000 emergency food parcels to struggling families in Pakistan; partnered with UK based charity One Family to deliver 10,000 emergency care boxes to NHS staff; and most recently, launched a Child Protect Fund in memory of Zohra Shah. 

World Boxing Champion Amir Khan said: “It’s a true honour to accept this new role at the WBC Middle East. I’m committed to enhancing this sport that I love so much and bringing it to young people in this region is a tremendous privilege”.

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