Hit BBC Three series ‘Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton’ has returned to our screens for series two – and there’s certainly plenty more drama across its six episodes.

The series provides a close-up on the hectic lives of Amir and wife Faryal as they navigate marriage, parenthood and their busy careers in both the UK and Dubai. After series one pulled in more than six million viewers on BBC iPlayer, the second season will lift the lid on the next phase of both Amir Khan and his wife and fellow trustee of the foundation, Faryal Makhdoom’s journey, while introducing fans to more of their family and closest friends.

Episode one kicks off as Amir’s grudge match with long-term rival Kell Brook is finally agreed, meaning fight preparations can get underway at last. Meanwhile, Faryal cements her reputation as a true fashionista when she gets glammed up to model a range of exclusive bridal dresses. However, during the shoot she admits she’d do things rather differently if she was to marry Amir today. “I wish I could change everything about my wedding,” she says, stressing that she has far more confidence to just be herself nowadays.

Other series highlights include footage of Amir’s training camp in Nebraska before he moves on to Colorado, while a pre-fight press conference back in London fires up the tension as he comes face-to-face with Brook.

The series sees Amir consider retiring from boxing and ending his illustrious sporting career – although by the grand finale, all may not be quite as it seems...

We challenge you not to devour the whole series in one sitting!

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